Cassie Shows Lots of Skin, Side Boob in Esquire Magazine [Photos]

Cassie Esquire

It’s a four-alarm fire inside the pages of Esquire magazine and singer Cassie is the accelerant, as she poses seductively for a photo spread. The girl is hotter than lava, and she isn’t afraid to show off her fit figure. (Who wouldn’t when looking this fly?) She’s smokin’ and she knows it, and the array of images oozes confidence.
The ‘Numb’ performer, 26, shows off a lot of leg — and her skin glows — in a variety of skimpy outfits and stilettos. She looks like she has legs for days. Move over, Rihanna.
Cassie also displays the bootay and a little side boob action, and it’s just a hint, upping the mystique. She doesn’t full on flash her lady bits, keeping things sexy, mysterious and safe for work. It leaves you wanting more, right?

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Despite showing lots of smooth, soft skin, Cassie’s smile and her sultry stare also elevate the overall vibe of the spread. There’s nothing “dirty” about how sexy this is.
We already know Cassie is a babe from the photos, but she displays her sense of humor in the accompanying video, criticizing dudes who propose to their girlfriends on the Jumbotrons and fan cams at sporting events, publicizing what should be a private and personal event.
Hot, talented and funny. Cassie is your new dream girl. Go ahead, get a rag to mop up the drool before you dive into these pics.
Cassie EsquireCassie EsquireCassie EsquireCassie Esquire
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