Four marines recreate a photo they took 50 years ago


A group of Vietnam vets recreated a photo taken in May 1966.After the war, the men drifted apart and lived successful lives in diverse careers - construction, banking, home security and retail management - and each married, ultimately having six kids between them.

According to,they didn't speak for 45 years, until they each came across an online memorial Hanks, now 69, had made for a mutual friend.

They got in touch but only met up in small groups, until Hanks dug out the photo and had the idea of recreating it.

And so, 50 years on, Hanks, DeVenezia, Puleo and Falk - the oldest at 71 - all reunited to recapture a moment in their shared history.

They rented a condo and picked out clothes - Falk going to six different stores before he found the perfect striped shirt - and borrowed a surfboard from a stranger who'd overheard their story in a surf shop.
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