Man Jailed 17yrs in UK for Armed Robbery after Victim Recognised Him on Facebook

A Nigerian was on Monday jailed in the UK for 17 years after being convicted of robbery and unlawful weapons and firearms possession. 21yrs Omar Famuyide was caught following a two month violent crime spree when he was recognised by one of his victims on Facebook.

He was one of two men who burst into the Ambassador’s Relaxation Suite on 13 July last year and assaulted some women inside, threatening them with a metal bar and a handgun.

The pair fled the Florence Street venue in the city centre empty handed while firing a shot inside building. Nobody was seriously hurt. A month later he walked up to a man in Highgate, held a gun to his head and demanded the keys to his BMW. He then stole the car.

It was found two days later parked on a road in Edgbaston, along with a firearm which was examined and found to be the gun that fired a bullet at the relaxation suite a month earlier. Also found were keys to a Seat Leon, which was stolen by a man with a knife in Highgate same night the BMW was taken.

After the victim of the Seat Leon robbery contacted officers in August to say he recognised the offender on Facebook, Famuyide was arrested.

At his house, detectives found a distinctive fisherman’s style hat, identical to that worn by the offender during the disorder at the relaxation suite, a machete, a balaclava, a number of mobile phones and another combat knife.

An official statement said: It was a crucial part of the investigation when one of the victims got in touch after recognising Famuyide on Facebook and was the final piece of the jigsaw that we were looking for. I want to commend all the victims who bravely came forward and gave evidence against someone who is clearly a dangerous, violent man.
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