Omawumi Gets Angry, Walks Out of Interview after Lady Asked of Her Smoking Habit (+ Video)

Naija celebrities have no chill anymore; you ask personal questions on social media, they blast you, you ask a personal question on television, it could lead to you getting a slap or a fight. Lols!!!

Omawumi did hers recently in an interview with a female presenter on HFtv. She was on "hot seat", and was asked many questions like who is the real father of her first daughter - her manager or her present husband - and she managed to answer the questions even though she was obviously angry.

But when the lady asked the effect of her smoking and drinking on her career, she went mad...

She directly told the lady that she believes she doesn’t mean her well. After a hot argument between them, she walked out live during the interview. No be small thing oh! Watch the interview below:

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