Fans Fight Over Tboss' New Photo


Tboss, caused some sort of fight between fans and non-fans alike upon sharing anew photo of herself rocking a purple backless mini gown.

Some fans came for her skin, while others came for the dress. Of course some of er die hard fans were ready to slam whoever insulted their queen.

Read some of the comments:
jeni_zeeLooks horrible
mogesbeadsMy Tboss kill them with ur God given beauty..... How I love u.
miss_bawzz@bouqueswitz i see you oh.
ogochukwuagwunchaThe boss lady
kushberry2017@stitchesbygalsgoodies oh. One naria tailor Like u. U r those people th @@stitchesbygalsgoodies oh. One naria tailor Like u. U r those people that advertise fine clothes online that u can't sew. U use people hard work to promote ur cheap n dirty biz. My Frd gave u job all u n ur ass hole fake tailor did was sew her clothes like bed sheet. Just shout up.
__stephxomun__She's admiring herself too, 😁
tinafash@kushberry2017 pls open ur page...would love to see u before i epp tboss reply ur comment...
lyndaraphTerrible... Disgusting skin
meakii1@lyndaraph too bad you use the word "disgusting" for a perfect creation by God. You need to revalue yourself
sisi_edith_24Boss Lady she rocks
alhaji_eyekayGorgeous mama
phaeve_y@tarmiey_b my dear aunty my teacher thought me right to freedom of speech nd expression I don't see y ure complaining, I was referring to tboss nt u(no offense meant)
phaeve_y@tarmiey_b I wasn't even rude...I guess English z just some peoples problem in Africa , ts a pity
sofia_jack_Nice dress
dynma14What's that pink thing I'm seeing 😩😩😩😩
favorpaulisonYou look good dear...... Beautiful
tessyluv_@kushberry2017 inukwa? Y re you this angry?😂😂😂... Omo!
wura_o_laEwwww! Slay mama didn't slay this... Ur skin dou! Hmmmmm
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